Andrew Salywon

Salywon has conducted extensive agave-related research in the Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts alongside Dr. Wendy Hodgson, who will also join us this year. Salywon received his phd in Plant Biology at Arizona Sate University and is currently working as a professor at the same University.  His research interests are in conservation, endemic, rare and endangered plants in Arizona and the Sonoran Desert, floristics, new crop development, and systematics using both traditional and molecular data. On-going projects include the Flora of Agua Fria National Monument, evolution and inheritance of hydroxy fatty acids in Lesquerella (Brassicaceae – the mustard family), systematics of native and cultivated Agave (Agaveaceae) in Arizona, Cylindropuntia (Cactaceae –he cactus family) and Mosiera (Myrtaceae - the myrtle family).

Caitlin Murray