Sara North

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Chef Sara is from Lubbock, Texas and has been cooking most of her life. Her love of cooking started at a very young age, while making bread and pastries from scratch with her mother. Sara’s 1st position as chef was in the tiny kitchen of Manna Bread and Wine. In 2007, however, she decided she wanted to combine learning with travel, and enrolled at Scoula Leonardo da Vinci in Rome, Italy, where she learned both Italian and Italian cuisine. Fast forward 10 years: Sara’s culinary experience now includes a catering company (formerly North Catering which has since merged with King Street Pub Catering), a fleeting but popular downtown lunch spot (The Pickle and The Pig), Brunch @ Stonegate, which went from zero to Texas Monthly in four months. She is currently on her way to opening King Street Pub and Queen of Tarts Bakery in South Lubbock this summer. Her signature style includes amplied portions with colorful over-the-top garnishes, spicy southwestern ingredients and sauces, and (frequently) towering presentations. Sara excels at creating, which has garnered her numerous contest awards and accolades. She has won multiple awards including Broadway and Gourmet’s Culinary Grand Champion three years’ running, and has been a Signature Chef for the March of Dimes since 2010. She was also the featured chef in Fresh Magazine in 2017. Mostly, though, Sara just loves to feed people--and she feels that bringing a smile to the face of someone she feeds is the best reward.

Caitlin Murray