Pedro Jimenez

Agave Festival 2019 is proud to present Pedro Jimenez, one of the foremost advocates for traditional methods of agave spirit production, ecological and cultural sustainability. He is the founder of Mezonte, an organization that works with agave spirit producers across Mexico to ensure they receive fair wages and that their tremendous cultural contributions are recognized. He is also the director of “Viva Mezcal,” one of the most thought-provoking documentaries on contemporary Mexican culture, and the owner of Pare de Sufrir, one of Guadalajara’s best bars.

Additionally, Pedro is a filmmaker and artist and we basically see him as the Wallace Berman of Mezcal, a cultural agent of the highest degree.

Pedro will contribute to the Festival in multiple ways this year. We’ll be showing “Viva Mezcal” and he’ll appear with Rodolfo Fernandez and Dasha Deraga to discuss his film and give us a better sense of the historical, cultural and legal frameworks for Agave spirits, as well as their situation within different (and frequently competing) systems of knowledge and taxonomy.

Caitlin Murray