Zoe Leonard

Agave Festival Marfa is proud to present a small exhibition, “El Rio / The River”, which features photographs by Zoe Leonard presented in combination with poems by Dolores Dorantes on Saturday, June 1st, 2019. The exhibition consists of pages drawn from a book of the same name which was published in late 2018.

Leonard is one of the most influential artists and photographers of her generation. Her work is known for its balance of distinctly personal vision, which merges photography, sculpture and installation, with an acutely social and political orientation. Her work invites us to contemplate the role that photography plays in contemporary culture and encourages us to examine the act of seeing itself. She demonstrates a process of observation that is complex, gradual and ongoing. Her work was recently the subject of retrospective exhibitions at The Whitney Museum of American Art and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Dorantes and Leonard will also be in conversation with Tim Johnson on Sunday, June 2nd and will discuss their project together, collaboration across media and across multiple borders and boundaries. 
This exhibition is based on work that was published by Gato Negro Press in 2018 and is supported by Marfa Book Co and Gato Negro. 

Caitlin Murray