Oscar Cortazar

Agave Festival Marfa is excited to present Oscar Cortazar, founder of La Cocineria in Ciudad Chihuahua for a special meal at Al Campo on Saturday, June 8th. Cortazar is an upcoming chef recognized for his use of unique, local ingredients, including ari, which is produced by ants in the mountains of Chihuahua. Over the past six years, he has quickly gained recognition as one of the best young chefs in Mexico and La Concineria has been featured in Culinaria Mexicana as one of the best 120 restaurants in Mexico for each of its past two issues. Additionally, he has cooked for Paralelo Norte in Monterrey, Mexico, the most important Culinary Symposium in Mexico and has collaborated with several highly regarded chefs from Mexico including Edgar Nunez from Sud 777.

Join us at Al Campo on Saturday, June 8th, where Oscar and several friends and associates will be presenting a celebration of Chihuahua - to include Sotol tastings (featuring the great @sotollosmagos !) and a nixtamal workshop hosted by Mario Vargas of Chihuahua’s Fonda Mistica - we’re grateful to Al Campo for their contributions to this year’s program - hope see you there.

Caitlin Murray