Sharon Edgar Greenhill

Agave Festival Marfa is excited to present Sharon Edgar Greenhill, co-producer of the film which got us going (“Agave is Life”) and longtime researcher on the subject of Agave. On Friday, June 7th, she will present, “The Mythical Realm of Maguey,” a talk on the mythological and iconographic world of the plant.

Focusing on the Aztec, Mixtec and Mayan Codices Greenhill will discuss the figure of Mayahuel (Goddess and Avatar of Maguey) in relation to Pulque, Rabbits, Pulque Gods, Quetzalcoatl and the Moon, making a tapestry detailing family feuds, banishment, sex, fertility, death and auto-sacrifice. She will also discuss ways in which these myths shaped the MesoAmerican world and economy.

Greenhill has a Masters degrees from the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Architecture with concentrations in Pre-Columbian and Colonial Mesoamerican architecture and iconography. Her career has spanned several diverse fields: museum design, historic preservation, art, photography, writing, and filmmaking. She is the co-producer of ArcheoProductions Inc, and has overseen the production of two films, “Chocolate: Pathway to the Gods” (2005) and “Agave is Life” (2014). With Meredith Dreiss she co-authored the book, “Chocolate: Pathway to the Gods”, published by the University of Arizona Press in 2008. She recently produced a trailer for a film concerning deer repopulation efforts by the Huichol of Western Mexico. 

Caitlin Murray