Juan Pablo Carvajal

Agave Festival Marfa is excited to present Juan Pablo Carvajal, founding partner and director of operations at Los Magos Sotol. Juan Pablo will be joining us for the second weekend and will be presenting as a part of the Celebration of Chihuahua at Al Campo Marfa.

After a period away from his native Chihuahua, Juan Pablo returned to be amazed by the great beauty and ecological diversity of the state. He has subsequently worked in a variety of areas including entrepreneurship, community development and social reintegration for the youth of Chihuahua. He and his partner Eduardo started Los Magos Sotol as a way to connect with one of the oldest yet least recognized traditions in a Chihuahua. 

As a member of the Consejo Certificador Del Sotol, Juan Pablo works to build conditions that will allow Sotol distillation to be a path to a better future for generations to come. His focus is on building an industry that maintains its cultural richness, while preserving the land and improving conditions for workers in the industry.

Caitlin Murray