The Hoppy Monk

The Hoppy Monk is an independent and family-owned pub that focuses on supporting independent breweries and distilleries. We have a scratch kitchen and try to source organic produce whenever possible from local farms.

The Hoppy Monk was founded in 2010 by Joseph Valenzuela and Beto Longoria with the goal of igniting the craft beer scene in El Paso, Texas. It was an instant hit in The Sun City. Joseph currently lives and operates El Paso and Beto moved on to follow other dreams.

Pedro Longoria joined forces soon after El Paso opened. And having lived in San Antonio, Texas, realized that city would also find value in The Hoppy Monk concept. A second location was built in San Antonio in 2014, which he currently operates.

The Hoppy Monk finds value in traveling, visiting breweries, distilleries, setting trends and most importantly, in nurturing business relationships that many times become long-lasting friendships.

Caitlin Murray