The Crowley Theater

The Crowley Theater is a 501(c)3 organization. It is the only performance space within 300 miles that is available to organizations at no charge, with the scale and technical resources to support dramatic performances, seated concerts, film screenings, lectures and school functions.

In 1998, the former Big Bend Feed Store was purchased and the dream of providing a forum for the civic, cultural and creative voice of the local community began to become reality. The Theater maintains many of the original structure’s unique features, including hardwood floors and its distinctive façade.

The Crowley Theater aspires to be a steward for the advancement of cultural activities in West Texas. By fostering a creative environment, by making its venues available for use at no cost, by supporting presenters that are diverse, and by maintaining state-of-the-art venues that serve as a vital cultural resources.

Caitlin Murray