Los Magos Sotol

Our engine runs on Sotol and our path is the path of unity.

This project was started by Juan Pablo and Morris, two mexicans but above all
Chihuahuenses, that decided to unite on their passion for their land and seek to revive age
old traditions that are the essence of Mexico.

The vision for this project has grow to include the landowners who have wild sotol in their
ranches; the “jimadores” who are in charge of harvesting sotol; producers who have been
making sotol for generations; researchers who look into making sotol a sustainable crop; a
team of designers who bring the true essence of this brand to life; and us, in charge of
connecting this whole production chain and show the world the unique and delicious spirit of
the north of Mexico.

We are focused in being sustainable, of leaving a positive impact on the land that gives us
so much. Our mantra is “Respect the land, be a force for good”. We celebrate hard work,
equality, arts and human expressions. We are community, we are this land, we are unity. We
believe Los Magos - Sotol can represent Chihuahua and the talent of its people in the world

We are facilitators of quality, tasteful and traditional spirits, and as creative young mexicans
we want to show the world the modern, fun identity of our generation.

Los Magos - Sotol is mystical and magical. It tastes of the land that nourishes it and of the
fire that brings it to life. It holds the tradition of generations, of a civilizatión before time, and it
projects it to the future with boldness and elegance so that everyone can enjoy the riches of
the north of Mexico.

100% pure sotol, wildly harvested and artisanally made. Los Magos - Sotol knows that to
show you have to be true.

Caitlin Murray