Siembra Spirits

Since 2005, Siembra Spirits has exemplified a commitment to quality and tradition in the highlands terroir of Jalisco.

Los Altos de Jalisco or simply, “the highlands”, is a sub-region within the Tequila Denomination of Origin. Siembra Azul, produced by Vivancos y Asociados (NOM 1414), is emblematic of the highland terroir. For generations, the Vivanco family has exemplified the entrepreneurial Alteño tradition in Arandas, Jalisco. This region has a rich and complex history of Sephardic and Middle Eastern settlements, which can be identified in the unique blend of cultural traditions as well as the physical traits of Alteños with blue eyes and fair skin.

Through the years, the Vivanco family has built various enterprises in their community. Central to their identity is the Charro's tradition of breeding and training horses. Part of a distinctive tradition in Jalisco, Charros compete in Mexican rodeos known as coleadero y charreada. The tradition is likely derived from Spanish horsemen who came from Salamanca and settled in Jalisco. When the Vivanco brothers are not tending to their tequila, they are tending to their horses and other entrepreneurial ventures.

Agriculture was always a principal focus of the family. Traditionally, they grew corn, sorgo, and alfalfa. In the early 19th century, they began cultivating Blue Agave. In 1990, the Vivancos built an artisanal distillery, affectionately referred to as “Mi Ranchito,” and began producing their own tequila with remarkable results in 1994.

David Suro-Piñera ventured to Arandas in 2005 to search for partners in the next stage of his lifelong mission to elevate and celebrate the spirit of Jalisco. He was intrigued by the Vivanco family’s attention to detail and the expertise of their team.

As a small, artisanal brand, committed to responsible production, Siembra Spirits has worked hard to maintain Siembra Azul’s presence in the market while releasing Siembra Valles and Siembra Metl. Sustainable and transparent production is a challenge. We are truly humbled by the support we have received for our products and the mission they represent.

Please join us as we strive for The Future of Tradition.

Caitlin Murray